poems available to read online:

'hold me like your iPhone', commended in the the Troubadour International Poetry Prize 2022

'at the hospital for ill fairy tales' - in Ink Drinkers Poetry, Issue 6 (Dreams), June 2022

'cat' - in The Friday Poem (Poems for Ukraine), April 29 2022

'reserves' and 'distracted' - in Hearth & Coffin, Volume 2, Issue 1 (What You See Is What You Get), March 2022

'this is the time'



poems in magazines / journals / anthologies:

'pleasure playlist' in Under Your Pillow erotic anthology (Victorina Press), forthcoming, more details soon!

'this is the time' in Reproductive Justice (in support of Abortion Without Borders), available soon from Petrol Girls.

'amortisation' in 2022 Anthology (Live Canon), forthcoming October 2022 ORDER HERE

'keys to the city' in Spectrum identity anthology (Renard Press), forthcoming October 2022 ORDER HERE

'wear black, bring flowers' - in Demos Rising protest anthology (Fly on the Wall Press), October 2022 - out now! ORDER HERE

'local' - in fourteen poems, August 2022 - out now! ORDER HERE

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