reading dates / workshops:


Thursday 11 May 2023 Bell House Poetry Evening, Dulwich, reading alongside Nigel Pantling and Caroline Druitt ('for the girls who', 'when you call that girl a hot mess', 'at the hospital for ill fairy tales', 'wear black, bring flowers', 'this is the time')

Saturday 18 March 2023 Deborah is running a 'Zoom Room to Write' workshop on the topic of 'How to write a contemporary love poem' - hosted by Write By The Sea Literary Festival

Tuesday 7 February 2023 LGBT History Month ‘Behind the Lens’ event ('keys to the city', plus Q&A)

Friday 27 January 2023 Arvon Residential final evening, Totleigh Barton, Devon ('amortisation', 'when David Bowie is your dad')


Monday 5 December 2022 Troubadour International Poetry Prize reading event ('hold me like your iPhone)

Thursday 27 October 2022 fourteen poems Issue 8 reading event (with fellow Issue 8 poets, Sanah Ahsan, Jack Cooper and Piero Toto, plus Kostya Tsolakis, at Queercircle, Greenwich ('local', 'amortisation', 'dear_____', 'allies in the workplace', 'polemics', 'subway', 'keys to the city')

Thursday 20 October 2022 Spectrum identity anthology launch with Renard Press, online ('keys to the city')

Monday 17 October 2022 Ellora Sutton's 'antonyms for burial' (fourteen poems) pamphlet launch, Blue Bear Bookshop, Farnham ('we're in the most beautiful place in the world but only one of us means that in two ways' & 'subway')

Tuesday 11 October 2022  fourteen poems Instagram Live reading and 'in conversation with' - ('local', 'this is the time'  & 'Want' by Joan Larkin) watch here

Friday 23 September 2022 Write By The Sea Literary Festival Opening Night and Prizegiving ('keys to the city')

Wednesday 17 August 2022 Special guest appearance with Rachael Sage @ Green Note, Camden ('when you call that girl a hot mess') watch here

Wednesday 6 July 2022  Special guest appearance with Rachael Sage @ The Troubadour ('this is the time')

Monday 9 May 2022 Poets and Monologues @ The Aeronaut, Acton, W3  ('wear black, bring flowers' & 'dear______')

Friday 22 April 2022 Live Canon Lunchtime Reading ('wear black, bring flowers', 'amortisation', 'kitsune', 'appetite' & 'amplify')

Monday 14 Feb 2022 Poets and Monologues @ The Aeronaut, Acton, W3 ('amortisation' & 'appetite')