Photo by Freezer / Unsplash

I see him every morning at 6am, our eyes meet

he looks a little guilty to be caught there, still out

from the evening before, a long night of hunting,

scavenging, and of generally fucking shit up.

I always smile and say hi with no judgment because

although I’m on my way to a virtuous pursuit, it’s still

very early, and I simply haven’t started my day

of generally fucking shit up yet. he looks at me

as if he understands this, and is temporarily mollified

we watch each other for a couple of minutes, not

breaking our glances, though he is less needy than I,

and always tires of our interaction first, places to be,

to sleep soundly, sated by adventure, by the carnage

he leaves behind. he makes me want to drink shots

of tequila, blow off the gym and go dancing