Praise for 'vigils for dead and dying girls'

Praise for 'vigils for dead and dying girls'

The blurbs for Deborah's debut poetry pamphlet 'vigils for dead and dying girls' have been provided by some of the exceptional poets, playwrights and musicians. Please do immerse yourself in their work if you are not already familiar with it!

“Poems like waterfalls, sparkling, but with dangerous currents”

⁃ Caroline Bird

“The power of Deborah Finding’s verse is in the wide and dazzling spectrum of its modes. Always mindful and heartfelt, it ranges from the sharply political to the bleakly comic, through resonant urban anthems, sardonic turns, and white-hot fury at the smug squalor of contemporary male English authority. Finding is original, subtle and hugely engaging, a welcome and timely new voice.”

⁃ Glyn Maxwell

“Intelligent, heart-filled and painfully relevant, ‘vigils for dead and dying girls’ will curl artfully around you and make you feel just a little less alone.”

⁃ Thea Gilmore

“Deborah Finding’s poems are nothing short of miraculous. In ‘vigils for dead and dying girls’, she reveals an innate ability to give voice to women of all varieties through her writing, weaving collective threads of visibility through vivid chronicles of vulnerability, resistance and redemption. These are words that will empower, embolden and inspire.”

⁃ Rachael Sage