Academic Research

In October 2009, Deborah completed her PhD at LSE's Gender Institute. Her thesis, 'Give me myself again: sexual violence narratives in popular music', draws upon both trauma theory and feminist cultural studies, as well as many years of NGO work with abused women. Her research interests include gender and psychoanalysis, mediated post-trauma discourses, and fan/community identifications. Her research was featured in the Guardian's 'Research Notes' and in online pop culture magazines Jezebel and Salon, in November 2009, and in Bitch Magazine in February 2011.

There is also a link to Deborah's 'Little Britain' research, which received a lot of press coverage when it was released. The paper was released in a truncated form in the I.B. Tauris book, 'Reading Little Britain' (on Book Chapters page), but is available to download in its full form as an Electronic Working Paper from the Media@LSE site.